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  • What does a free trial mean?
    Every client will have a free trial in order to make the best decision for further cooperation. After deciding to book a free trial, I will invite you to have a cup of coffee at the W.ARE PROUD gym. After about 30 min of conversation, finding out details about your needs, medical condition etc. we will make an appointment for the free trial. The free trial is a 60 min training session with custom made training. You can get a look and feel of the training, atmosphere and the personality of Anna. Personal training is a personal cooperation and it is important to us that you look forward to the trainings with us!
  • Why is a nutrition plan so important?
    Nutrition plays a major role in getting into shape. In my experience it attributes around 70% to the success, next to regular exercise. I always believe healthy eating habits are superior to diets and extreme changes in eating behavior. That is why the nutrition plan of W.AREPROUD is customized to the client after careful discussion. The nutrition plan will be prepared for 14 days with daily examples of food from the morning until the evening. Eating can be fun, without suffering. And because chocolate is such an important part of our lives, we will include it in your new plan!
  • How does it exactly work with flexibility and a decision to stop my training any time I wish?
    Because I‘m a mom I know how hectic our life can be. Kids can become sick very often, we might have (in pregnancy) indications to stop exercising and that’s why we want to give you a freedom to get your money back. After you make your decision you receive the money of remaining lessons back, minus one lesson. Works with packages 'Peacock' and 'Eagle'.
  • I would like to work out but I‘m not very well organized and I’m not sure I will make it to come by regularly...
    Then the package number 3 (Eagle) is exactly the one for you. You buy 10 lessons and you can use them in a 6 month period of time. You can book your sessions online via the website or simply by calling.
  • I prefer a bootcamp type of training. Is it also possible to go to the park sometimes or simply just adjust the type of a training to this style?
    My 15 years of experience in personal training, sports that I've practiced (like athletics, gymnastics, fitness) make me understand the difference in types of exercises. Depending on your personality and what you need to achieve, we can customize the training fitting exactly to you. We want you to look forward to the training and to do what you love. Bootcamp, pilates, breathing exercises. We will customize it just for you.
  • How often do I need to exercise to achieve the best result?
    Ideally it is best to exercise 2 times a week, with 1 additional training followed by your own. (We can create a home exercise plan for you as well). We would highly recommend to get advised on nutrition too. The combination of training, nutrition and your discipline will bring the quickest and best results.
  • Can I also bring my child along?
    Of course! Your little one can exercise with us, watch some TV or if you prefer we can arrange an experienced nanny to help out with your little one for that one hour.
  • If I suffer with backpain, recovery after injury or operation, is it still possible to exercise or get help from W.AREPROUD?"
    Yes, what makes W.AREPROUD knowledgeable is the University degree in Physical education ( including exams of Anathomy of the human body and Physioteraphy).
  • Is it possible to train in Amsterdam or other places?
    Yes, everything is possible ;)

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